Hi, I'm Olena Bomko ūüĎč
Fractional Product Marketer

I help tech/SaaS startups with marketing, messaging, and go-to-market.

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What you think

Before me
"We sell complex tech. People don't get it."
"We have low conversions. Why?"
"We're not different from our competitors."
After me
"Our prospects understand what we sell."
"We increased product demo conversions."
"We increased ROI on marketing activities."
Before me
"What the heck does this company sell?"
"They're too expensive."
"I have no clue how they're DIFFERENT."
After me
"I want to book a demo / try a free trial / talk to sales."

What your customers think

What your competitors think

Before me
"We're not better than our competitors. But we'll win because we have great marketing, copywriting, and content."
After me
"We're not good enough."
"Who is their marketer?"
"What to do?"

Do it yourself

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LinkedIn Inbound Playbook

In 2020, I didn't know what LinkedIn was. In 2024, I reached 34K followers without outbound messages, ads, LinkedIn Premium, and different hacks. Followers are great, but only if you get inbound customers regularly. I'll help you to attract new customers.
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Product Hunt Launch Playbook

Prepare for your next successful Product Hunt launch.
What's inside?
- PH rules
- Checklists and best tips
- Materials and assets you should create
- Tasks you should do 
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Customer Research Templates

Turn NO to YES with customer insights
What's inside?
- Customer interview materials,
- B2B + B2C Persona,
- Messaging Report (Qualitative research),
- Customer Research Report,
- Methods and Tools.
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How we can work together

My clients

Olena's tech background makes her exceptional, one-of-a-kind.

She will bring a data-driven approach that helps organise knowledge and present it as a scalable solution. Her fluency in conducting market research goes beyond strategy and efficiency."

Jonathan A.D.

Cloud Architect @ Verisk
Olena is a tremendously talented writer, communicator, and marketer. She quickly distills complexity into simplicity so your buyers and customers are left with simple, legible, and actionable messaging.

Achim Klor

Growth Marketer @ Map Labs
I made you a verb. I tell myself: "I want to Bomko that," meaning to kill it with copy and marketing.

Donovan Rittenbach

Owner @ My AI Web Guy
Olena is skilled in copywriting and copyediting, but also learns to do tasks beyond of that. Olena will have a successful career. She is a great person and writer you're lucky to work with.

Hennadii Mitrov

Senior Python Developer @ Meduzzen
I would highly recommend getting in touch with her if you are a technical founder looking for support around marketing strategies.

Sofia Kyriazidi

CEO @ MeetMomentum
Olena is a consummate professional with exceptional skills in content writing and marketing consulting. Her strategic insights and innovative approaches were instrumental in increasing visits to our platform by an astounding 400%.

I highly recommend Olena to any team seeking top-tier talent in marketing and content creation.

George Tsiramua

Head of Business Technology @ Toyota Caucasus LLC

My work


TechAcadeMe sells online courses for QA Engineers and Software Testers.

Messaging + Positioning

LucidoMedia specializes in paid advertising for plant-based e-commerce brands.

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